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Webly Bowles first became a zinester in the mid '90s, when she started the perzine Fun in a Bucket with her sister, Alex Wrekk. Later, Bowles started her own perzine, Touched by an Anvil. Now, she balances zining with an architectural day job and running two food blogs. Topics she's written about include architecture, broken hearts, lost loves, her failing health, dogs, traveling, and growing up.

Sticker #183: Pro Choice

Sticker #183Pro Choice

by Webly Bowles Author

We thought we'd come so far with reproductive rights, but now we've got these awful politicians taking us right back to…

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Patch #087: Pro Choice

Patch #087Pro Choice

by Webly Bowles Author

In the past, women were told what to do with their bodies, especially if they weren’t white. Now that things are…

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Sticker #237: Brains Before Beauty

Sticker #237Brains Before Beauty

by Webly Bowles Author

Think of it this way, if you don't survive this bike ride, you can't go even faster on the next one! 

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Sticker #175: Bikes Not Bombs

Sticker #175Bikes Not Bombs

by Webly Bowles Author

Lets stop supporting wars with our form of transportation! It's time we make oil obsolete. Because which would you…


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Sticker #176: Environmentalists Don't Drive

Sticker #176Environmentalists Don't Drive

by Webly Bowles Author

A succinct message for the ages. If you call yourself an environmentalist, but you still drive a car, than you were…

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