Pin #046: Pro Choice

Pin #046Pro Choice

by Joe Biel Author

Because abortions should be safe, legal, available, and shame-free. Smash the stigma with this 1" round pinback button handmade in the USA!

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As is seen in the eyes of the LAW, and how these laws are enforced, Pro-Life Laws=illegal abortion. Period. Many say there are all sorts of angles, if a woman is raped, maybe even by a family member or something traumatic such as that, "Pro-Life" means you feel that woman must have no other option but to have that child. There are no "allowances" in Pro-Life legislation. Thats is why, if you feel there is a SINGLE situation which would warrant not forcing a pregnancy, you are by default, Pro-Choice. There are plenty of anti-abortion Pro-Choice voters. But Pro-Life is a final word, there are no exceptions written into Pro-Life law.


I think that people need to realize that that's what Pro-Choice means. Having the option. Not nessarily for abortion. Although, I'm 100% pro-choice.


A very loaded term. So is Pro-Life. I think more people need to realize this. Many people who are Pro-Choice, aren't anti-life, and many people who are Pro-Life, aren't against women's rights. Also, if abortion is going to be played out over the women's rights spectrum, then the people who use that as their reasoning should also check themselves on how they feel toward the human rights of the unborn child. Many people don't know that if someone were to murder a pregnant women, no matter how far along in her pregnancy, that person would be charged with a double homicide. A major hipocracy in my mind. Both sides of this fence need to approach all the issues from every angle, and stop just trying to throw everything into one box.