Button with the text Real Men Don't Use Violence

Pin #020Real Men Don't Use Violence

by Joe Biel Author

 Real men don't use violence. Remind your friends with this 1" round pinback button handmade in the USA.

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except they do.. real men DO use violence. there are several accounts. it does no one justice to separate "fake" men from the good-guy type.


I don't care how men are addressed, I just want them educated. The burden of rape and domestic violence prevention is on women, self-defense classes, recognizing abuse in relationships, safety in numbers and watching each other's drinks, etc. How else will we get away from a blame the victim mentality if we don't stop the cause of the violence?


Let's please oust the phrase "Real Men don't..." or "Real Men do..." No one knows the definition of a "real man" because there isn't one, just as there isn't a definition of a "real woman." Those who use this phrase are only reinforcing gender stereotypes, no matter how positive the message. Everyone should decide their own gender identity for themselves and not be subject to others' messages of "realness." Thank you.




This one goes for the macho-dick heads. Who hasn't been taunted and beaten up by them in school or where ever?


I love this pin.


This is a good and encouraging message. One should really do t-shirts of this too.


i often feel weird about the use of the term ''real men.'' I feel even though this challenges mens role in sexism and gender violence, it is still saying men have to validate themselves to become men and says there is such thing as an ideal or ''real'' man. I feel men are socialized to constantly try to out man each other and this is a large force of aggression and violence and ''machismo'' energy towards each other; forming a hierarchy of who is most masculine. I don't want to tell anyone they are not a real man cause that definiton is more open and self identified for me. I think everyone is capable of violence but because we are socialized into a patriarchal society with strict, exaggerated gender binaries most of those people are men. I am not condoning the actions of violent men at all but saying the ideal of a ''real man'' (for me) is rooted in patriarchal society. So I am all for ending domestic violence and mens violence against women but I also don't want to enforce language and gender roles on anyone.