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Alive with Vigor: Surviving Your Adventurous Lifestyle

by Buck Angel, Joe Biel, Natalye Childress, Lauren Hage, Ayun Halliday, Anna Ricklin, Ashley Rowe and Robert Wildwood

Alive With Vigor! compiles stories of surviving—and thriving—from a wide spectrum of contributors. Deeply personal essays recount matters of preventative health care, the hard decisions we each have to make, Do It Yourself health care, and how to deal with extracting health care from government/corporate health care systems. Alive With Vigor! has a special focus on queer, youth, and transgender people, recognizing that everyone has different health care needs. Finally a how to book where you can put the advice directly to use in your life!



Buck Angel's Public Cervix Announcement from Buck Angel on Vimeo.

  • 978-1934620472
  • 978-1934620472
  • 978-1934620472
  • 978-1934620472



"all this valuable information in the form of a really cool looking zine"

Chris Auman - Reglar Wiglar