a truly adventurous cargo bike load

$20 Superpack: Live the Adventure

by Aaron Dactyl Author, Bert Davis Author, Holly Davis Author, Super Pack! Author and Robert Wildwood Author

Do you dream of letting go setting off on a new, adventurous life with less stuff, less work, and less to take care of? Maybe you've dreamed of hitting the road with nothing but a pack and your own two feet or wheels. Or you can't stop thinking about what it would be like to live on a boat, in a cottage, or in a tiny house or RV. Maybe you're thinking about jumping off the grid entirely. Or perhaps you just want the motivation to downsize and simplify and get out of your rut. However it is with you, let these books inspire you...and help you plan! Your muses include the newest Dwelling Portably collection, compiling tips and anecdotes from people all over the world who have been living freely and independently for decades. The first two Railroad Semantics books will take you on a series of unforgettable rail journey through the margins and the. And the indomitable Unsinkable will lead you on an adventure—as real or imaginary as you want to make it—down the mighty Mississippi on a boat made out of items on-hand.