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This Ain't No Picnic: Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook

by Joshua Ploeg Author, Dalton Blanco Photographer and Vice Cooler Photographer

This Ain't No Picnic is the first cookbook featuring creative and delicious recipes that match the quality and presentation of a gourmet restaurant with the self-parody and humor of punk rock culture and history. A comedic art book full of social commentary, it explores and improves the favorite foods of historic punk rockers. Through exclusive interviews, Picnic treats you to the delectables they could—and perhaps should—have been eating. How to make s'mores with a zippo, cook without a stove or oven, and 80 new recipes of Joshua Ploeg's magical food and flavor combinations like you've never dreamed of.

Comments & Reviews


"If punk is about painting a big picture on a limited canvas, then this book is punk as fuck. ...jam packed with brilliant ideas."


"I must admit I was prepared to roll my eyes all the way through it. But I didn’t. I giggled at the gleeful punkness of the recipes—Dashboard Kale Chips, Engine Block Casserole, Zippo S’mores and Old Dumpstered Bagel Bread Pudding."


"guided by the inclusive, DIY spirit of punk: use what you have, wherever you find yourself, and make it work. These recipes may be inspired by punk songs, fashion, and lifestyle—but they are decidedly not crusty (surely Vegan Escargot and Black Quinoa Caviar is the most refined anything Jello Biafra ever inspired). And once you’ve mastered Dashboard Kale Chips, Zippo S’mores, and Engine Block Casserole (yes, the cooking methodology is exactly what you imagine) you’ll feel like you can MacGyver any damn thing. "


Gastronomy meets garage in this punk rock recipe book.


"this awesome looking recipe compendium is presented in a humorous, self-effacing style that pokes fun at all things punk while simultaneously teaching you how to cook vegan-style."

Chris Auman - Green Action News


"The recipes range from restaurant worthy (lentil loaf, burrito with cucumber salsa) to quick and dirty (zippo smores, credit card sandwich), but it's clear Joshua knows what he's doing in the kitchen."

Connoisseurus Veg


vegans aren't poseurs. real punks are. STAY PUNK ROCK.


"When Joey Ramone sang about eating chicken vindaloo on Second Avenue, he was clearly talking about zinester chef Joshua Ploeg's vegan version. That recipe and more inspired by punk rock classics are included in This Ain't No Picnic. Plus, Joshua includes tips on getting by in the kitchen DIY-style (think microwave blanching or making pizza on your stovetop). There's even a chapter with vegan dishes created to honor punk legends (despite his tough appearance, you know John Lydon of the Sex Pistols loves nothing better than lavender tea cakes, right?)"

Bianca Phillips - Cookin' Crunk: Eatin' Vegan in the Dirty South