Chef Joshua Ploeg in action

$25 Superpack: Vegan Cooking with Joshua Ploeg

by Joshua Ploeg Author

Come ye hither and snag a full set of Chef Joshua's fyne cookebooks! Joshua is the punk rock traveling vegan chef. He traverses the world putting on multimedia feast experiences and combining food flavors and textures you might not have ever expected. And Microcosm has the pleasure of publishing SIX of his cookbooks. They're all smart, hilarious, and as fun to read as his food is to eat, and you have the added pleasure of putting together the flavor puzzles yourself. Yum!

You have two options with this deal:

Classic: Fire & Ice is a zine full of spicy food, cold food, alcohol, and desserts. So Raw It's Downright Filthy is a raw food cookbook featuring photos of garbage instead of food. In Search of the Lost Taste is an adventure cookbook. And This Ain't No Picnic is your punk rock vegan cookbook.

Deluxe: All of the above, plus Joshua's two new hit cookbooks in collaboration with artist Automne Zingg, Defensive Eating with Morrissey and Comfort Eating with Nick Cave.