A stop sign with a "laughing at danzig" sticker on it

$25 Superpack: Made You Laugh

by Dan Abbott Author, Joe Biel Author, Erica Dawn Lyle Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Corbett Redford Author and Super Pack! Author

A lot of our books are serious. It's a serious world! But a lot of them are pretty darn funny, too, and have brought us a lot of joy, grins, endorphin rushes, spitting coffee out our noses, all that good stuff. So in the interest of spreading that joy, here's some assorted reading to pick you up on a grey day, or even reinforce your already good mood.

You'll get Manspressions (because the patriarchy is best taken as a parody of itself). And Scam, because Erick's stories are nonstop, laugh-out-loud funny and amazing and unbelievable, especially the first part. Coffeeshop Crushes is a heady brew of comics and stories about intrigue lost and found at cafes, most of them quite entertaining. In Search of the Lost Taste is a funny cookbook, yes you heard that right! And finally, for some twisted, satirical musical humor, sit back and sing along with the bouncing ball on Meal Deal with the Devil, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits interactive multimedia masterpiece.