A pink zine with an illustration of a cocktail on fire

Fire & Ice

by Joshua Ploeg Author

Traveling chef Joshua Ploeg (Plague) of Behead the Prophet, No Lord Shall Live/Mukilteo Fairies/Ravenna's Secret Cafe presents 80 new and delicious, gourmet vegan recipes. Joshua is the epitome of the post-punk ethic manifest into his passion; traveling the country on buses and trains he presents gourmet dinner parties for you and your friends presented out of his backpack, circumventing the corporate route of disseminating his food, recipes, and love. This collection in particular is primarily spicy recipes and beverages - blazing tofu, curried pineapple cream cheese, chicken yassa, garlic linguine, pineapple gazpacho with dates, blackeyed pea salsa, curried banana sandwiches, spicy basil turnip and tofu, iced tea with mango syrup, numerous alcoholic drink recipes, and much much more! 

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Highest recommendation possible...this guy's recipes cannot fail to blow your mind. Vegans, take note!


A perfect travel-size zine containing all vegan recipes...cashew tempe to a delightful pear sorbet-iced boozy drink. Purely healthy, easy vegan living with some party tricks. I'm a big health nut vegan who likes to eat things that taste good, but aren't too much of a pain in the ass. If you're like me, you'll be thrilled with all of these straightforward vegan recipes. Thanks Joshua!