It's Gonna be a Punk Rock Christmas Superpack

$20 Superpack: It's Gonna be a Punk Rock Xmas

by Ben Nadler Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Keith Rosson Author, Super Pack! Author and Bob Suren Author

This selection of fine literary works makes the ideal, thoughtful gift for the punk in your life.... or it's just a good pile of books at a dirt cheap price to get you through the winter and shift your perspective on the world around you. Punk in NYC's Lower East Side, 1981-1991 is Ben Nadler's zine chronicling a key moment in punk history. Crate Digger is Bob Suren's (alphabetical by artist) memoir about the redemptive value of punk... and how record collecting very nearly ruined his life. Joshua Ploeg's colorful cookbook This Ain't No Picnic combines inventive recipes with essays about food by punk luminaries. And The Best of Intentions collects Keith Rosson's copy-and-paste style zines that serve as a snapshot of the joys and perils of hard living and giving it all for music and art.