old photo of a picket line

$25 Superpack: Get Activated!

by Sascha Altman DuBrul Author, Greg Farrell Author, Tomas Moniz Author, Super Pack! Author and Raffaella Tolicetti Author

Time to shake up the world, and shake up your life. These books (and a zine) contain motivating and actionable stories of people who've done both and come out the other side better for it. Maps to the Other Side is Sascha's story of turning his madness into a powerful force for social and environmental change. In comix journalism On the Books, Greg gets a serious education in the politics of labor disputes, and shares what he learns with us. Think! Eat! Act! is more than just a vegan cookbook—it's also Raffa and friends' loving manifesto and manual on a life devoted to heroic direct action at sea and ashore, including such gems as instructions for getting vegan food in prison. And finally, the "Occupy!" issue of Rad Dad explores the personal and political implications of parenting (and generally being family) in an age of upheaval. Read and enjoy these, but don't linger over them for too long—the real action is out there in the streets, and the world won't wait!