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Think! Eat! Act!: A Sea Shepherd Chef's Vegan Recipes

by Raffaella Tolicetti Author

Think! Eat! Act! is a cookbook featuring the vegan food prepared on the Sea Shepherd ships' anti-whaling campaigns. Inspired by the Sea Shepherd's goal of protecting the animals that are victims of human cruelty, author and onboard chef Raffaella Tolicetti uses delicious vegan food to show readers that every action has a consequence, and that you can live both well and compassionately, even while facing the challenges of being an activist living on a ship. The recipes are mixed in with information about vegan nutrition and ocean activism and interviews about being on the front lines of animal defense, getting vegan food in prison, and more!

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Comments & Reviews


"neither taste nor flavor need be sacrificed for the good of all."

-Green Action News


Like a precious ravioli stuffed with inspiration, Chef Raffa's exquisite recipes and thought-provoking story are a gift to the world of vegan cookbooks.


Not everybody can get on a ship for months on end and fight whaling fleets in the Southern Ocean like Raffa and the Sea Shepherds do, but you don’t have to go to Antarctica to make a difference in this world. Adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet means you can save just as many animals, if not more, by the choices you make three times a day. Raffa’s recipes make being vegan easy. They are healthy, nutritious and tasty.


To cook vegan for a multiethnic crew, motivated by an eco- animal rights passion, on a ship that flags the Jolly Roger. Those could be the ingredients of a Peter Greenaway movie. Not to mention that the cook is Italian, maybe knows how to sing, definitely doesn’t wear a moustache but does for sure know how to cook some real pasta. . . thanks to a book like this one I can find the real reason that I am vegan, which is simply that animals are not ours to be eaten.


Veganism is about staying committed to an idea. But how do we maintain that diet and way of life in the midst of a culture that doesn’t often agree with us? This book offers incredible examples of people who have maintained their commitment to veganism even in light of seemingly impossible conditions. If you want incredible recipes, inspirational stories, and new ideas on the vegan way of life, this book is essential.


Through her way of living, her philosophy and her enthusiasm, Raffaella shows us that it is possible to enjoy the pleasures of some good food, having fun while saving. Saving lives especially.. Margherite Duras used to say: “I am a vegetarian because I cannot digest agony”. Unfortunately agony is everywhere. Day after day, we inflict pain and cruelty to innocent beings that cannot defend themselves, unawares and most of all, refusing to admit it..I have always loved eating, and lately I have loooved eating vegan! A few years ago, after finishing to read a book about Sea Shepherd, I became vegetarian as soon as I had turned the last page. A few months later I met Raffa, and I happily succumbed to veganism.. Since then I have been exploring, discovering, experimenting, knowing that none of my choice ends in the killing and torturing of an animal. Instead of narrowing my culinary horizon, Raffa has widened it, and I have rediscovered the real pleasure of eating. Her compassionate philosophy is contagious and I wished I had encountered it earlier. Our problem lies not only in the fact that we inherit a lack of compassion without even realizing it, taking for granted whatever comes from our education and culture, but also in intellectual laziness that prevents us from living a life that would go through another path and shaking our daily habits. If a huge meat eater as myself has been able to do so, then everyone can.. And with a book like this one, it becomes as easy as child’s play! If we’re not part of the problem anymore, then we become part of the solution..