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$20 Superpack: Live Your Dream!

by John Isaacson Author, Caroline Moore Author, Super Pack! Author and Eleanor C. Whitney Author

Got an idea for a project but you're not sure how to make it work on a practical (and, let's face it, financial) level? These books can help. 

Get your perspective and motivation from Punk Rock Entrepreneur, Caroline Moore's manifesto on starting a business that's founded on values and hard work rather than on borrowed money. She believes that a lack of financial resources can be your best asset, and she shares a ton of examples to back that up, many of them from the world of punk music.  

Eleanor Whitney spent years in the nonprofit world advising artists on how to make a living from following their passions, and distilled all her knowledge and enthusiasm into Grow, a powerful, digestible, beautifully designed guide to making sure that following your dream is sustainable for you. 

An even more practical companion is John Isaacson's DIY Screenprinting, a graphic novel format guide to the art and science—and business side—of printing t-shirts at home. Extremely useful, whether you want to start a t-shirt printing business, just want to print shirts for your business, or are starting a basement-based business producing any sort of tangible thing.