Sticker #203: Punk Rock Saved My Life

Sticker #203Punk Rock Saved My Life

 Are you still here today because of punk? We're proud to say the same. 

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with white print on a black or pink background. Reads: "punk rock saved my life" in all caps)

Comments & Reviews


It really did. I've had this as my motto for years. I almost joined the military in 1991, but instead started playing guitar in a punk band...and never looked back.


Better than the "Quality Marketed Rebellion" sticker IMO. Punk rock music did save a lot of kids-- The mainstream emergence of things like studs and spikes doesn't make it any less a valuable outlet for anger and frustration at the systems which oppress you, as well as an amazing way to open yourself up to new ideas.


I will plaster this onto everything ever.