The logo on the front of the book in the Neverending Story movie

$25 Superpack: Books about Books

by Joe Biel Author, Greg Farrell Author, Katie Haegele Author, Sarah Royal Author and Super Pack! Author

If you're a person, like us, who loves books so much that reading a book about books is a heightened form of pleasure, this deal is for you! We take you straight into the nuts and bolts with On the Books, a comics report about worker organizing at a big New York City bookstore. The Book Bindery is also focused on the unromantic labor of book production, this time at a big modern print shop. Good Trouble is the story of growing a small but mighty book publishing house from the ground up. And finally, on a more literary and imaginative note Slip of the Tongue is more about language than about books as physical objects, though words are undeniably a vital element of almost any book!

We hope all these books inspire your love of books and grow your awareness of the conditions of book production and distribution!