A pink book with a mustache, a blue book with overlaying, different colored silhouettes of a persons head, and a green book with an orange web diagram of major events in CIA mystery and conspiracy

$20 Superpack: Jeff's Emotional Rollercoaster Pack!

by Joe Biel Author, Elly Blue Author, Jeff Hayes Author, Robert Earl Sutter III Author, Meggyn Pomerleau Author and Super Pack! Author

Here are somemore of Jeff's Favorites. In this one he'd like to take you through the full spectrum of emotion. Manspressions will make you split your side laughing while simultaneously pissing you off that some people can be so inconsiderate. But it will also make you feel good that it exists, and if you spot yourself in there somewhere it could make you feel a bit guilty. Up next is Alive With Vigor. There are too many emotions to name in this one. Some of these stories will make you happy, some confused, some sad, some inspired... But lastly, CIAMSFUDD will creep you out, make you super paranoid, and probably even gross you out. You're welcome.