Take Care Down There superpack - wall of vulvas

$20 Superpack: Take Care Down There

by Super Pack! Author

The vulva is just as important a body part as any other, but for many it remains shrouded in mystery, shame, and all sorts of terrible misconceptions. No longer! This stack o' reading will help you understand different aspects of vulva-having, especially when it comes to taking care of your health and making decisions about how you do and don't use that part of you. 

First, two books: Hot Pants is the classic book on the topic of reproductive care and herbal remedies (now updated for the new millenium with science). Alive with Vigor is about making healthy choices for your whole body and mind, no matter what parts you were born with or have now. 

And we'll send you four zines: Take Back your Life is your guide to everything your gynecologist can't or won't tell you. Menstruation Sensation is about dealing with menstruation without poisoning yourself or the planet. Vulvas don't always match genders, so we'll send you one of the two in-print issues of Girl / Boy. And for even more radical body care, we'll throw in one of three in-print issues of Wildseed.