girl/boy side of the cover

Girl / Boy #2

by Robert Wildwood Author

Rob Noxious teams up with Shyla Ann to talk about gender roles in extreme depth! They each present half of a zine talking from their own perspective so you get that "flip zine" split format. Tons of issues are discussed such as sex (homosexual and otherwise), pornography, alternatives to tampons/pads, subtle school lessons, polyamory, male intuition, homosexuality and homophobia, confronting sexism, rape in prison, and TONS more. What I love most about this zine is how personal it is. It has some very explicit illustrations and sex stories! 

  • girl/boy side of the cover
  • boy/girl side of the cover

Comments & Reviews


So pleased.


Truly an excellent read! Syla Ann and Robnoxious take on "traditional" gender roles and stereotypes and share their personal experiences and ideas for a stronger, more loving society.