Gendrfailz2 zine cover

Gendrfailz #2: Call Outs and Clever Titles

by Alix Kemp Author

Alix is a self-described "polycurious transguy...who refuses to pick a sexual orientation." Gendrfailz is his zine about how his fluid ideas of gender run counter to rigid societal norms. Alix professes his non-ironic love for Pete Wentz's gender-bending ways, and why Katy Perry is a different story. He expresses his disappointment in Obama's policies toward the queer community, and explains that while his mom may not be thrilled with his life choices, she's always supportive. Alix also discusses his history with depression, the list of drugs he's taken, and why he chooses to take them. Gendrfailz is an epic zine win.