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Go Fuck Yourself: A Zine Devoted to DIY Sex Toys and Gender-Bending Devices

by Annie Danger Author

Go Fuck Yourself is a pro sex, trans friendly DIY sex toy making guide; reusing scraps like inner tubes and everything from restraints to strap-ons to whips, dildos, tit clamps and even a detailed instruction of how to make a tit/clit pump from an auto brake bleed kit! Lots of instructions and info on safety too. Excellent Resource. Recommended.


Comments & Reviews


"Andy/Annie Danger has taken the time to write out sex toy instructions with more detail and more intelligence than any of the glossier books or websites I’ve seen (except maybe this one). Go Fuck Yourself will teach you how to make your own restraints, strap-on harnesses, tit and clit pumps, vibrators, and more. The booklet is written in an enjoyable, sex-positive manner."


aww, i love it! not many zines like this are trans friendly and its nice to know.


Genitals: there are plenty of resources for boy pleasure out there - Guide to Getting it On, which we carry, is just one one them. It's true most sex zines are female oriented, and quite right as we don't get this information and dialogue anywhere else. The brilliant thing about zines is that you can make your own! So Dude - go to it!


These zines are always more female pleasure oriented. I understand that, of course, women get the short end of the stick(no pun intended) of sexuality, and it is great that things are being done to correct that. However, if men themselves are not properly educated on all fronts of sexuality(they are usually only told why it sucks to be a woman and how to be a better lover), they may still have preconceptions about how a man is supposed to get off. It would be really cool to see this material expanded to include all sexual orientations, yes even the antagonist despised majority of the average heterosexual male. Unity!