black and white photo of a hitchhiker

$20 Superpack: Home is Where You Lay Your Head

by Raleigh Briggs Author, CrimethInc Author, Erica Dawn Lyle Author and Super Pack! Author

The rent is too damn high. Even the shitty jobs aren't hiring. So you're hitting the road with a backpack, a dog, a journal, and a can-do attitude. We wish you well, and we've picked out some books and zines to help see you through whatever adventures and misadventures lie ahead. First, you can find a huge range of new skills—and maybe even your community—through the latest batch of collected Dwelling Portably newsletters. Get into—or out of—any building in a pinch with the Guide to Picking Locks. If you're planning to live free and want to stay healthy, a copy of Herbal First Aid will serve you well. And finally the Survival Without Rent zine is the classic 1980s manual of squatting, more relevant now than ever! And when it comes to squatting—and freewheeling adventure on the road and rails—let Erick Lyle's early Scam collection be your muse.