The title is surrounded by linguistic sounds and rhetorical terms on a geometric background.

Trivium: The Classical Liberal Arts of Grammar, Logic, & Rhetoric

by Andrew Aberdein Author, Adina Arvatu Author, Gregory Beabout Author, Earl Fontainelle Author, Rachel Grenon Author, John Michell Author and Octavia Wynne Author

A compendium for anyone fascinated with the inner workings of poetry, writing, and language, Trivium goes into the history and art of words and how we use them. This is multiple books rolled into one; the first section, "Euphonics," is described as a "poet's dictionary of enchantments" and is an alphabetical ode to word sounds. "Grammar" offers small discourses on many grammatical parts, making them far more interesting than they ever were in school. There's also a section on poetic meters and forms, and parts that delve into the history of persuasive rhetoric and the ethics of language.