richard brautigan holding a flower

The Edna Webster Collection of Undiscovered Writings

by Richard Brautigan Author

Before Richard Brautigan became known across the United States and beyond as a symbol of the literary expression of 1960's counterculture, he was a 21-year old unpublished writer living in Eugene, Oregon. Lovestruck, goofy, and innocent at this early stage in his career, Brautigan gifted these early writings to Edna Webster, the mother of his best friend, as - in his words - her "social security" for after he became rich and famous. Full of poems, short stories, and other previously unpublished pieces of writing from Brautigan's career, this collection is a vital addition to the library of any reader who appreciates his writing, as well as to any reader who particularly appreciates the writing styles and expressions that originated in this period of American literary history.