The members of The Black Crowes posing in a field

Hard to Handle: The Life and Death of the Black Crowes - A Memoir

by Steve Gorman Author and Steven Hyden Author

For more than two decades, the Black Crowes topped the charts and reigned supreme over the radio waves, even as hair bands, grunge, and hip-hop threatened to dethrone them. Written by drummer and founding member Steve Gorman, Hard to Handle chronicles his time with the Black Crowes, and offers a witty and revealing look at the behind the scenes of one of the biggest bands of the early nineties. As the band's drummer and voice of reason, he tried to keep the Black Crowes together both musically and emotionally. This extensive memoir shows the fleeting highs of stardom, drug-fueled tours, tumultuous recording sessions, and how the last rift caused by Chris Robinson proved insurmountable for the band to survive. Exhilarating and insane, this first great account of this American rock band truly shows the crazy, the brilliant, and the self-destructive ride of a lifetime.