Book cover made to look leather-bound, with gold foil text and an image of a pool of water in the center.

Into the Pensieve: The Philosophy and Mythology of Harry Potter

by Patrick McCauley Author

This book takes a look at the arc of the storyline in Harry Potter, digging below the surface to explore ethical, mythological, and religious meanings in J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series. Why do we find ourselves so intrigued with the tale of Harry Potter? Many of the millions who passionately read the Harry Potter series found they could relate to the details, dreams, and fears of Harry’s life. There's a phoenix that dies and rises again, Dumbledore, a character who appears in a realm beyond death, and many other issues of grief, responsibility, individual excellence, and heroism in the face of violence and corruption. This philosophical analysis shows that if, in fact, we do find ourselves reflected in Harry’s story, then we may also find that our destiny and individual potential resonates with his as well.