text cover with noose, candles, and skull standing in for title letters; subtitle bracketed with coffins

The Whole Death Catalog: A Lively Guide to the Bitter End

by Harold Schechter Author

If you've ever found yourself in the weeds of a macabre Wikipedia spiral, clicking such links as "last rites" and "active decay," The Whole Death Catalog may be for you. Asking and answering questions about death voiced by few but pondered by many, author Harold Schechter leaves no headstone unturned in his irreverent quest to depict every detail of the human finale – including the state of our minds before the event, and the state of our bodies following. Fearless, good-humored, and knowledgeable, Schechter is an excellent tour guide to the underbelly of curiosity and the quest to understand, as thoroughly as is possible on our earthly realm, what becomes of us all in the end.