6 paneled simple black and white line drawings with splashes of color in each panel, depicting, tea, ferns, flowers, a gardener, a mason jar with seeds, and seedlings

The Heirloom Gardener: Traditional Plants and Skills for the Modern World

by John Forti Author

In this gorgeous book, filled with essays and charming wood-block illustrations, author John Forti offers the reader practical skills and reflective wisdom on the practice of gardening with heirloom variety vegetables. These historically important plants have been grown and harvested for centuries by the humans that came before us, and tending to them in our own gardens can be a way, not just of growing delicious and unusual food in an age of globalization and industrial agriculture, but of preserving these unique varieties of vegetable for future generations. Learn how to get the best results from your garden and eat some truly delicious veggies along the way.