a cart in a plowed field with seedlings on it, and four photos of farmers working with tools on the right hand side of the cover

Build Your Own Farm Tools: Equipment & Systems for the Small-Scale Farm & Market Garden

by Josh Volk Author

In this detailed manual for gardeners and small-scale farmers alike, learn how to construct the basic tools of the trade that will give you that extra leg up and make your work go that much more smoothly without breaking the bank. Author Josh Volk, proprietor of Slow Hand Farm in Portland, Oregon, has developed these tools and strategies over the last two decades as he has traveled around the country managing small farms and studying the systems that make them work efficiently and productively. From as simple an implement as a cart for planting seedlings, to more complex systems of drip irrigation, this book covers it all. Whether you're hoping to produce enough food to sell some at the market, or just hoping to grow your own salads all summer long, this manual is the perfect place to start streamlining and improving your operation.