various objects appear down the left side of the cover including an umbrella, a lightbulb, puzzle pieces, a feather, a heart tattoo, a lock, a ghost, a snail, a book, a skull, and a flower. the rest of the cover is watercolored various colors.

How Dreams Speak: An Interactive Journey into Your Unconscious (150+ Symbols, Illustrated and Fully Explained)

by Nicole Chilton Author

In this comprehensive guide to your subconscious and the weird things it cooks up while you're asleep, artist and author Nicole Chilton reveals the potential meanings of your dreams and teaches you how to interpret them. Beginning with the science and philosophy of dreams, Chilton then examines 150 common themes and symbols that may occur in your dreams in order to help you elucidate their meaning. Was a phone ringing in your dream? Maybe you need to communicate more clearly with someone in your waking life. Were you falling? Perhaps some aspect of your waking life feels as if it is falling apart. Flying? You may be excelling at something, or pressing up against a limitation in your waking life. All of these themes and many more relatable symbols fill this book, and offer the reader a way to begin interpreting and making sense of their dreams. Moreover, Chilton's gorgeous watercolor illustrations make this book as aesthetically pleasing as it is intellectually stimulating.