a photograph of a statue of an angel atop a mausoleum, with a moss covered tree in the background

Cities of the Dead: The World's Most Beautiful Cemeteries

by Yolanda Zappaterra Author

In this stunning collection of photographs, discover some of the most beautiful cemeteries from around the world. With full color images depicting mausoleums, headstones, monastic settlements, cathedrals, shrines, tombs, crypts, and more, this book will take you on a journey around the world without having to leave the comfort of your couch. Learn the histories of these unique final resting places set in some of the most aesthetic locations the world has to offer. From London's historic Highgate Cemetery, where Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren, George Eliot and others rest, to Hawaii's scenic Valley of the Temples, author Yolanda Zappaterra can you show you the beauty even in death.