an illustration of a female scientist in lab goggles, surrounded by scientific iconography.

The Future of Science Is Female

by Zara Stone Author

Females are fabulous! And this book proves it by introducing readers to some brilliant minds and obliterating the myopic perception that science is best left to the boys. Each chapter examines a different world problem, from climate change to the future of work, and spotlights the female scientists who are working on solutions—while they  overcome all the challenges they face along the way. The Future of Science Is Female provides an overview of some of the coolest and most exciting science and technology projects happening today — all pioneered by badass, diverse, and queer women who challenged the status quo. They saw problems that needed solving, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Intended for millennial women, teenage girls, and people who are LGBTQI and non-binary, showcasing an exciting array of entrepreneurial go-getters who challenge the status quo.