men in bowler hats in a sepia-tone, old-timey saloon scene.

Storied & Scandalous Portland, Oregon: A History of Gambling, Vice, Wits, and Wagers

by Joe Streckert Author

Portland, Oregon began as a town of itinerant young men who had no shortage of diversions at the end of the workday. This city grew up with lots of revelry and little regulation—vice and scandal were all fun and games. After the last tree fell in logging season and after the workday ended on the docks, those young men broke out the cards. Saloon culture quickly took hold in Portland, offering alcohol, sex, gambling, and other diversions. This book traces the storied and scandalous history of Portland, OR, from its underground and elite saloons and gambling rings to the vice, scandal, and fun they brought. Meet the impresarios, gangsters, and racketeers who colored Portland’s history.