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Back in the Frame: Cycling, Belonging and Finding Joy on a Bike

by Jools Walker Author

From the award-winning blogger, Jools Walker, better known as Lady Vélo. Walker rediscovered cycling at 28 after having not ridden in a decade. She started blogging about her cycle adventures under the alias Lady Vélo. Shortly after getting back on two wheels, she was diagnosed with depression and then, in her early 30s, hit by a mini-stroke. Yet, through it all, one constant remained: her love of cycling. Both funny and moving, Back in the Frame is a testiment to a woman of color who overcame some of life's greatest challenges, stepped out of her comfort zone, and learned to cycle her own path. Along the way she shares a wealth of inspirational stories and tips from other female trailblazers, and shows how cycling can and should be a space for everyone.