an illustrated Idris Elba holding a martini and leaning against a bar

Idris Elba (Crush and Color): Colorful with the Sexiest Man Ever

by Maurizio Campidelli Author

We all know Idris Elba is a dreamboat. With this new book, you'll have the opportunity to color in dozens of line drawings of this British star in all kinds of poses and scenarios. Grab a set of colored pencils or markers and get to work, and when you're done, it's up to you whether to share them with your friends or appreciate them privately. A great gift for the Elba fan in your life.

(This title may contain a sharpie mark on the top or bottom edge and may show mild signs of shelfwear.)

Comments & Reviews


Great read, if you are into UE buy this book now! Lots of helpful info.


This book is excellent! Even after several years of UE experience, I learned from it. I like Ninj's writing was a quick, informative read. I've been a fan of the Infiltration zines for a long time, as well. If this doesn't inspire a person to go out and REALLY explore their surroundings...I don't know what will.


For those that don't already know, Ninjalicious has passed away. For more info, visit WWW.UER.CA