illustration of people riding a roller coaster; cityscape, bridge, and body of water in background.

Okay, Universe

by Valérie Plante Author, Delphie Côté-Lacroix Illustrator and Helge Dascher Translator

Valérie Plante stood up to the patriarchal power system of her city, took down an incumbent, and became the first woman elected Mayor of Montreal. Her origin story comes alive in Okay, Universe. This captivating graphic novel—created in a true collaboration with Governor-General Award-winner Delphie Côté-Lacroix—follows her journey from community organizer and volunteer to municipal candidate, and the phone call from the local social justice political party that changed her life forever. With patience, determination, and the strength of will to remain true to her core beliefs, Okay, Universe details the inspiring political campaign where slowly but surely she gained the trust of a neighborhood fighting for affordable housing, environmental protections, and equal opportunities—a perfect example of of determination and an inextinguishable commitment to creating positive change in the world, while educating about the vitality of political engagement.