Book cover of black background surrounding sunset-colored pink and orange text over a silhouette illustration of a train crossing a bridge.

The Sunset Route: Freight Trains, Forgiveness, and Freedom on the Rails in the American West

by Carrot Quinn Author

A unique and unflinching memoir about traveling the country’s unseen corners, searching for forgiveness, self-discovery, and the powers of nature. Fleeing an Alaskan childhood of neglect and poverty, author Carrot Quinn sets out to travel America by freight train, sleeping under the stars and devising meals from dumpsters. As she rides the rails, she finds herself welcomed by the straight-edge anarchist community among her fellow travelers, but remains haunted by the ghosts of her upbringing. A powerful memoir of adventure and a clear-eyed meditation on our spiritual connection to the natural world.

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I got this zine in a Craftster swap with from the zinester herself, it's amazing. If this is a topic that interests you then you must read it. If not then read it anyways.