a collage of various tree leaves.

The Little Book of Trees: An Arboretum of Tree Lore

by Orange Hippo! Author

Trees are amazing! You don't need to be a tree hugger to love trees. The Little Book of Trees is crammed with facts, lists, information, folklore, and history that will give you a new appreciation for the trees of yesterday and today. Whether they grow in cities, form part of a huge rainforest canopy, or have been chopped down for timber, trees play an integral part to life on Earth. You'll find snippets on trees in literature, quotes and proverbs about trees, and learn about tree deities and rituals from around the world. You'll also learn some nifty facts. For instance, did you know that only about 1% of rainforest plants have been researched for medicinal properties, yet over a quarter of today's medicines are from sources that came from rainforests?