a white woman with a smirk holds a cell phone, a crossword puzzle reads 'privilege', a word search reads 'manager' and a megaphone, a glass of white wine, a coffee cup, and a cell phone dialing 911

The Book of Karen

by Karen K. Klan Author and Karen Janson Author

A tongue-in-cheek workbook of activities that any Karen can get behind, this little book is sure to irritate the nosy, over-privileged, and politically incorrect folks in your life. Filled with activities like 'Pin the Blame on the Immigrant,' 'Pin the Mask on Kevin' and journaling prompts like 'Describe how your Christmas was ruined by the phrase 'Happy Holidays,'' and 'Explain Why You Aren't A Feminist,' this book is sure to provoke laughter amongst your comrades and anger amongst your foes. Best of all, the authors Karen K. Klan and Karen Janson, have ensured that a portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit the Equal Justice Initiative. So start looking through those word searches to find the word 'manager' and rest easy knowing that you definitely won't be helping make the world a better place.