Yellow cover with photos of various houseplants

How Not to Kill Your Houseplant: Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged

by Veronica Peerless Author

Need help creating an oasis of flourishing houseplants? Can't understand why your snakeplant wilts in spite of watering it? Why does my begonia look so woebegone? How much shade is too much shade? If you like so many others need answers to these and other questions, or just a little help getting some green back in your thumbs, this book is for you. This book comes to the rescue of anyone who thinks they just have to look at a plant for it to wither and die. Learn tips and tricks to give your houseplants long and healthy lives.

(This book may contain a small, black sharpie mark on the bottom edge, so that it can't be returned to a different wholesaler.)