an illustration of a swastika with a cat's face on it suspended on a wall behind a bunch of mice wearing prison uniforms

Maus II: A Survivor's Tale - And Here My Troubles Began

by Art Spiegelman Author

In this second installment of Maus, author Art Spiegelman continues to document his efforts to come to terms with his father's experience of the Holocaust, while offering readers a glimpse into the horrifying world of the death camps. Depicting Jews as mice and Nazis as cats, Spiegelman uses visual metaphor as a means to come face to face with the trauma in his father's past, and the trauma that was passed down to him during his childhood. In recent years, Maus has come under fire from conservatives for accurately depicting the Holocaust to young American readers. Adults and teens alike will benefit from reading this increasingly banned book, gaining a deeper understanding of the horrors of World War II, and ensuring that such atrocities never happen again.