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Big Red Songbook : 250+ IWW Songs! (2nd Edition)

by Archie Green Editor, David Roediger Editor, Franklin Rosemont Editor, Salvatore Salerno Editor, Tom Morello Foreword and Utah Phillips Afterword

In Chicago of 1905, representatives from dozens of radical labor groups united to form One Big Union—the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), also known as the Wobblies. They led strikes, walkouts, and rallies all across the country, and everywhere they went, they sang. Their songs were sung in mining camps and textile mills, hobo jungles and flop houses, and anywhere workers might be recruited to the Wobblies’ cause. This book includes 250+ of those songs, as well as personal recollections, rare artwork, discographies, and writings from luminaries such as Archie Green, Franklin Rosemont, David Roediger, Salvatore Salerno, Judy Branfman, Richard Brazier, James Connell, Carlos Cortez, Bill Friedland, Virginia Martin, Harry McClintock, Fred Thompson, Adam Machado, and many more.