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The Ultimate Dictionary of Dream Language

by Briceida Ryan Author

A massive and comprehensive reference on how to interpret dreams. Copious front matter walks you through a range of types of dream, from premonitional to sexual, low-awareness to out of body, channeling dreams and recurring dreams and nightmares. The heart of the book, though, is over 750 pages of items, people, and ideas you may encounter in dreams and what they mean. The first page alone offers interpretations for nighttime encounters with the letter "A", aardvarks, Aaron from the Bible, an abacus, Abaddon, abalone, abandonment, A-batteries, an abbatoir, the abbé, the abbess (with different interpretations if she seems interested or is ignoring you), an abbey, and abbot, abbreviations, abdications, and your abdomen. Yes, there is quite a bit of biblical stuff going on here. Some of the interpretations are fantastically specific. For instance, if you dream of "abbreviation", you should prepare to attend a special event in a distant city within two weeks, but don't worry, "you will enjoy yourself immensely and have a safe return." Or if you dream of someone else falling into an abyss, prepare to find amazing bargains while shopping alone in the next three days.