a series of boxes arranged as a flow chart with the title in the boxes.

Sh*t They Didn't Tell You: How To Succeed in the Creative Industries

by Paul Woods Author

When your passion is a creative pursuit, be it writing, art, design, or whatever floats your boat, it can be difficult to break into the rigidly mathematical and entrepreneurial world of business. Luckily, this book is here to steer you away from the rocks and onto the right path towards turning your creativity into a lucrative business model. Borne of author Paul Woods' own struggles to monetize his penchant for design, this book - complete with illustrations and flow charts - is an excellent guide for folks who know little about the business world yet find themselves enmeshed in it nonetheless. By learning from Woods' mistakes, you can avoid making them yourself. In this book, Woods tells you all the sh*t the rest of them never will. It may just save you a lot of grief, and hopefully some money.