a tarot card reading 'high priestess' sits against a red background. on the tarot card a dark haired woman in a flowy dress sits on a throne between a white column and a dark column. a crescent moon hangs just above her head.

History of Tarot Art: Demystifying the Art and Arcana, Deck by Deck

by Holly Adams Easley Author and Esther Joy Archer Author

From the hosts of the Wildly Tarot podcast comes this deluxe collector's book, complete with 24 removable cards and a foldout timeline of the history of tarot art. In this volume, authors Holly Adams Easley and Esther Joy Archer take the reader through the evolution of tarot from a 15th century card game into its more contemporary manifestations. With in-depth examinations of some of the most influential tarot decks from history, including Rider-Waite-Smith and Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot, this book is an excellent addition to the libraries of both longtime tarot practitioners and those just setting out on their tarot journeys.