various plants including corn, strawberries, saguaro, zuchini and other dot the cover, with a pair of cupped hands holding a blackberry sprig in the center.

Iwigara: American Indian Ethnobotanical Traditions and Science

by Enrique Salmón Author

Ethnobotanist Enrique Salmón brings together his scientific knowledge of plants with the cultural and traditional knowledge of the indigenous people of North America to explore the Rarámuri people's concept of iwígara, or the belief that all living beings are interconnected and share the same breath. In this beautiful book - filled with glossy photographs and illustrations - discover the history of common plants from across the North American continent and learn about the important roles they played and continue to play in indigenous communities. From medicinal uses, to mythological uses, Salmón introduces the reader to a world of plants right beneath their noses that they might never have known was there.