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Helping Yourself with White Witchcraft

by Al G. Manning Author

Bend unseen forces to your control through a combination of willpower and ritual with this manual for harnessing the power of the occult to improve your life. Al Manning focuses on practical application rather than theory or history, explaining each step of a variety of chants, invocations, and rituals, as well as practices to develop your creativity and imagination. Chapters teach various skills, like how to create a good luck charm, attract familiar spirits and fairies, and mix your own incense powders (and make the charcoal to burn it with). Exorcise harmful entities and negative thoughtforms, gain power over other people, protect yourself against secret psychic attack, embark on astral travel, and enhance your powers by working with others. The goals are to attain wealth, power, happiness, beauty, health, love, and security for yourself (and occasionally others, but probably not the ones you're warding off or trying to gain power over).