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The Sorcerer's Crossing: A Woman's Journey

by Taisha Abelar Foreword and Carlos Castaneda Foreword

As a teenager, Taisha Abelar became one of Carlos Castaneda's devotees, and traveled to Mexico to be taught in Don Juan's community just as Castaneda had been. She was trained by the women of the group, a rigorous physical and mental process designed to enable her to cross over into an alternate reality, breaching the limits of ordinary perception. In this book, she writes in great detail about that process and also turns an anthropological eye on the community of sorcerors and witches in which she studied, and eventually became a teacher and leader herself. She wrote this book at the very beginning of her journey, when it was all still fresh in her mind—several years before Castaneda died and she and his other women students disappeared without a trace.