two pictures of the author, one a mugshot, the other in a coat and tie

Redeeming Justice: From Defendant to Defender, My Fight for Equity on Both Sides of a Broken System

by Jarrett Adams Author

At age seventeen, an all-white jury sentenced Jarrett Adams to nearly thirty years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. After almost ten years and a mountain of research and effort, Adams retained the assistance of the Wisconsin Innocence Project and was ultimately exonerated and released from prison. That's only the first part of this remarkable story. After obtaining a law degree, Adams went to work for the New York Innocence Project, and in his first case found himself arguing before the same court that had convicted him. An incredible true story of redemption and the profound systemic inequities that pervade our legal system, Redeeming Justice shows us how the failure of our courts is not only a failure of empathy, but of our desire to even know the truth. An absolute must read, especially in this era where we seem poised either to reckon with racial injustice as a society, or sweep it back under the rug until the next galvanizing moment. (Short Discount)