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D. B. Cooper and Flight 305: Reexamining the Hijacking and Disappearance

by Robert H. Edwards Author

The now-famous incident of D.B. Cooper and the hijacking of Flight 305 still remains one of the most compelling and mysterious instances of unsolved crime in American history. After commandeering an airplane on its way from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington, a man calling himself 'Dan Cooper' demanded (and received) 200,000 dollars and four parachutes before ordering the flight crew to take him to Mexico. Somewhere over the Western United States, he jumped out of the airplane and has never been found or heard from since. After 45 years, the F.B.I. gave up the search. To this day, the hijacking of Flight 305 remains the only unsolved case of airplane piracy in American history. Examining the case once again from the perspective of mathematics and aeronautics, pilot and mathematician Bob Edwards has written this fascinating book in order to shed further light on this case that has puzzled amateur sleuths and federal agents alike. Using previously unexamined data and original-source documents, Edwards offers a new theory of where D.B. Cooper may have ultimately ended up. This page-turner will keep any true crime enthusiast hooked.