illustration: a kid in a white tshirt leans against a chainlink fence with three girls standing close to the cover so that all you can see are legs in leggings and skirts

The High Desert: Black. Punk. Nowhere.

by James Spooner Author

In this incredible graphic novel and memoir, author James Spooner takes us back to his childhood in Apple Valley, California in the midst of the 1980s. A miserable, thirsty desert town, Apple Valley is an unusual place for Spooner to find himself. One of the only Black kids in town after years living elsewhere, and acutely aware that most of his other classmates are either ignorantly racist or out-and-out neo-Nazis, Spooner feels left out and like a misfit until he meets Ty. Ty introduces him to Black Flag records, The Sex Pistols, punk haircuts, romantic prospects, and teaches him the difference between a bass and a guitar. Suddenly, with a sense of community growing around him, Spooner feels more at home. But things aren't all going so smoothly. A classmate dies of a drug overdose. A friend must prove himself to his white supremacist brother and the local Aryan Brotherhood through violence. And everything is building towards the big show... A vividly narrated and gorgeously illustrated coming of age story.